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Part No. 6570/6571/6572 TEPPANYAKI HOT-PLATE

Durable steel plate heat-transfer quick.
3 sizes Large Medium and Small available to choose.
Double ears design lift easier and safer.


VOKA-Your best BBQ grill friend and space magic master. 


Part No. 6570/6571/6572 L-M-S TEPPANYAKI HOT-PLATE

 Part No.6570


 Part No.6571


 Part No.6572


This hot plate steel can also be  ed on charcoal stove, hot-plate material heat-transfer very quick and food well-cooked take short time only.Butter fry onion beef, or fry vegetable, eggs what dishes come to your mind?

3 Sizes available Large Medium and Small available for you. You might like to get one size to give a try or you can have three at once to satisfy big family good appetite. This simple convenient quick design you must have in your kitchen.





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Part No. 6570/6571/6572 L-M-S TEPPANYAKI HOT-PLATE

  Use and Maintenance instructions.

 >>> Heating the plate to melt the anti-rust paint on surface clean with dishwashing detergent before you start use the plate.

      Apply cooking oil on whole plate surface before you use.

 >>> Make sure your base is solid and steady ie brick or stone construction base at outdoor.

 >>> Make sure the plate has cool down before hands lift double ears.

 >>> To deal with difficult dirt use steel brush after cleaning please use soft cloth to wipe the water and dry the plate.

      After drying the plate please apply cooking oil on whole plate and keep it at dry place.

     Any moisture left on plate might cause plate rusty, thank you for your attention.





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