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Part No. VK03-628W 21” Trolley 5-ways Charcoal BBQ Grill Set

> 5-Ways cooking height adjustable.
> 5- Ways grill wire mesh height chosen as your needs .
> Trolley design moving freely bad weather no worry .
> Wide solid fire bowl clean easy and quick
> Outdoor Camp BBQ party fun best buy.


VOKA-Your best BBQ grill friend and space magic master.

Part No. VK03-628W 21” Trolley 5-ways Charcoal BBQ Grill Set

 Cooking Area

 54.5x40.7 cm

 Cooking Height

 69-79.5 cm 

 Aseembling Size

 69x41.2x79.5 cm

 This trolley charcoal grill set design is so fascinating, dark green fire bowl metal plate 5-ways design user can adjust mesh height as your wish and avoid food burnt or overcooked. U shape mesh handles easy assembling and unfold. Big rectangle fire bowl simple design use and clean quick and easy no complicated work need to do. Wooden strips to place tongs or food make your BBQ party more convenient. Sunny day gone and heavy rain comes? With wheels design you can move whole grill set quickly and continue your BBQ party fun.



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Part No. VK03-628W 21” Trolley 5-ways Charcoal BBQ Grill Set  

Content: height adjustable board x 3 parts, metal wire mesh set x 3 parts, black fire bowl x 1pc, wooden handles set x 3 parts, wooden strips set x 5 pcs, solid pillars x 4 pcs, durable wheels x 2 pcs, green metal plate x 1 pc, metal accessories as enclosed images.

> Trolley big wheel design move easy and quick

> Multi-functions great value best buy item.

> 5 -ways cooking height adjustment flame use easier.

> Wooden strips attached to aside grill food more convenient

> Bottom metal rectangle plate place various food drinks and tools save heavy hand carry troubles. 


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