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Part No. 68-621 22” DIY 5-ways adjustable charcoal BBQ Grill

> 5-Ways design grill mesh height is adjustable.
> Simple and assembling easily your BBQ time best company
> Openings on front sides help you to fix the wire mesh steady not move around


VOKA-Your best BBQ grill friend and space magic master. 

Part No. 68-621 22” DIY 5-ways adjustable charcoal BBQ Grill 

 Cooking Area


 Cooking Height

 72-82cm adjustable

 Aseembling Size


 > 1.Smart design easy to D.I.Y for anyone

 > 2.5-ways height adjustment from 72cm to 82cm

 > 3.Wooden handle bar adjust height easily and freely no accidently burns.

 > 4.Press and release the metal buttons to disassembling the tube feet easily.

 > 5.8 pcs x 40cm round tube with stoppers indoor use no scratching.  

** Openings on front sides easy to slide in wire mesh also both sides plate steady mesh during height adjustment not move around.


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 Part No. 68-621 22” DIY 5-ways adjustable charcoal BBQ Grill

  22” black firebowl x 1pc, 22” metal wire mesh x 1 pc, 19” metal wire mesh x 1pc for firebowl inner

Round tube feet x 4pcs, firebowl metal rack x 2 pcs, easy fit handles x 2 pcs, 5-ways adjustable set with 2 wooden handles

* Exquisite metal wire mesh material chosen by clients’ wishes.

* 5-way Fine cooking height sit or stand easy to operate.  

* Firebowl bottom is attached another wire mesh charcoal to be used efficient. 

*Steel tube attached 4 stoppers no matter use it indoor or outdoor give more safety.* Firebowl convection holes make you control flame EASIER 




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