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Part No. 68-550 20” Solid Charcoal Durable BBQ Grill Set

>Fine metal gray color coating durable and easy maintenance.
>Quick assembling design save you large time.
>Wide fire bowl to grill more food and enjoy good time.
>Flexible easy fitting handles.


VOKA-your best BBQ grill friend and space magic master. 

 Part No. 68-550 20” Solid Charcoal Durable BBQ Grill Set 

 Cooking Area

 51.5 x26.7 cm

 Cooking Height

 55 cm

 Aseembling Size

 61x42x55 cm

 > Quick assembling save large time.

 > Simple design and useful suitable for everyone.

 > Big fire bowl save large time no wait.

 > Wide metal wire mesh grill more food sharing more happiness.





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 Part No. 68-550 20” Solid Charcoal Durable BBQ Grill Set

 Content:23” firebowl x 1, Wide 20” metal wire mesh x 1 pc.Easy fitting handles x 2, Feet stoppers x 4

Charcoal durable metal plate x 1 pc, Easy fit steel tube feet x 4 pcs , , Screw x 6 pcs + Nut x 6 pcs

* Exquisite metal wire mesh or S.S as client’s budget. 

* Fire bowl metal gray coating, your chosen colors also available. 

* Screw locked design assembling quick to begin fun time.   

* Pandemic lonely time best friend with beer. 

* Get everything prepared and enjoy your good time. 


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