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Part No. VK03-9602 23” Take me Suitcase Charcoal Grill Set

> Foldable grill set with movable brackets open and close quick and easy
> Hot-plate or wire mesh grilling methods for your choosing
> Whole Set D.I.Y get ready only a few mins..
> Feet quick fixing design finish less than 1 min.
> High quality stainless Steel fire bowl durable quality
> Time to go ? Take me suitcase only take you a few mins to get all parts into the box.


VOKA-Your best BBQ grill friend and space magic master.

Part No. VK03-9602 23” Take me Suitcase Charcoal Grill Set

 Cooking Area

 58x27.5 cm

 Cooking Height

 75 cm 

 Aseembling Size

 51.5x41x75 cm


Take me suitcase charcoal grill this smart D.I.Y design enable you to quick D.I.Y whole set less than 3 mins.

Side bars stable fix grill mesh/hot-plate increasing grilling safety. Movable brackets to open /close box easily.

Solid 4 feet can be quickly fixed less than 1 min. In this suitcase you can do hot-plate charcoal grill or BBQ mesh grill to get your favorite food. Rush to leave? Clean ash also easy and disassembling all parts get them into suitcase in a few mins. Take me suitcase proper size/weight carry by ladies easy as breathing.


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Part No. VK03-9602 23” Take me Suitcase Charcoal Grill Set

Take me suitcase content: Fire bowl set,hot-plate x 1 (optional), metal wire mesh x 1 pc,

solid bars x 2 pcs. Quick assembling feet x 4 pcs. 

Suitcase shape fire bowl made of 430 stainless steel as well as sided plates. Metal movable links designed as fire bowl stronge holder, hook bars fix mesh increasing stable and safety. Rotating tighten feet design to quck assemble and disassemble less than 60 seconds. Light weight and classical design take me BBQ grill set. Take me to create and collect all your happy memories.





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