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Voka 6B-11740532V1 Rolling Adjustable Clothing Hanger

Adjustable Garment Rack with Wheels

• Easy assembly with no tools required

• Made for clothes storage

• Made in Taiwan


        VOKA-Your Magic Space Master 

Voka 6B-11740532V1 Rolling Adjustable Clothing Hanger 

    •  Simple solution for added garment storage.

    •  Adjustable garment rack is durable yet lightweight for easy transport.

    •  Easy assemble and dismantle with no tools required.

    •  Rack height is adjustable to suit short or long garments.


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Voka 6B-11740532V1 Rolling Adjustable Clothing Hanger 

      Length      117-180 cm (Adjustable)
      Width      40 cm
      Heigt      87-153 cm (Adjustable)





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